Our First Year in Review…

We never imagined our first full year as an official nonprofit organization to happen during a pandemic and a global shutdown, but what a year it was! Rainbows from Raya was the bright spot in our lives, as despite the hostile political climate we found ourselves in, we were able to do some really big and exciting things!

We awarded TEN airplane grants to five families, representing four different countries (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Colombia, and Haiti). We have also been able to set up meal trains for many families as they transition home with their new kiddos.

2020 Grant Recipients

Above image does not include our 5 families from the last grant cycle of 2020. Some of these families are still in process and not at a point where photos can be shared YET.

A Midyear Update and Comparison of 2020/2021 Stats

Our next goal is to have businesses join us as corporate sponsors. We are excited to be working on this and will share with you all soon! If you want more info, send us a message or email rainbowsfromraya@gmail.com

2021 continued to be an amazing year, despite all the unknowns with international travel and adoption, due to pandemic. We were successful in creating our Dream Team- 21 families contributing $21/month in 2021. And are so thankful they continued that same giving in 2022.