Matching Grants

As Anonymous Angels, we have existed as a Facebook group, providing matching grants up to a specified amount for families raising funds for adoption. We begin with a period of pledging (a promise of a donation) and once the family meets our match, we donate our pledged amounts. This typically goes from a few days up to 2 weeks. Typically, we give precedence to families who have experienced severe hardship while fundraising or who have a child or children who are medically fragile and funds are needed quickly to expedite the process. Anyone can nominate a family for our help and we will do our best to serve everyone but we do give preference to urgent needs. We do multiple grants a month and all donations must go to a tax deductible adoption account. At this time, we are serving only special needs adoptions, domestic or international. The ADMINS of this group are Christina Ruegamer Schye, Chasidy Brooks, Ellisha Harcourt, and Kristi Hamm Frazier. By joining Anonymous Angels with Rainbows from Raya, we will streamline the application process (no need to apply for both), be available to families not on Facebook, and can run multiple grants at once. We will still use our Facebook group as well, but pledging and announcing of families will occur primarily here. It also allows us to apply for grants that can benefit Anonymous Angels families, as well.

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If you would like to apply or nominate a family for an Anonymous Angels matching grant, please complete this Application